Of Russians, Islamists and the Demise of the Left

The peace, quiet and safety of your town was unrivaled. Growing up, you knew by name the neighbors, the corner shop owner, the baker, the town’s police officer, and even the mayor. You walked the street and most of the commute time was spent meeting and greeting known faces. Furthermore, they looked like, thought, and worshipped like you. Their worldview matched with yours even in trivial matters such as favorite food, football team, and music. Until one proverbial day the others arrived. At first you were intrigued by the outsiders but then, suddenly, things got weird. The foreigners not only looked different and spoke an intelligible language. They thought different. Their values, preferences, and decisions were not like yours. They did not salute the flag (your flag!) and in times of trouble their hearts turned into a different direction than yours. And so they went from exotic to a threat.

Of course, I am talking about the Russians. Or so we are told by clickbait rags like The Atlantic or Salon.

Don’t get me wrong. Living in the Baltic for quite some time, around the time the wall came down, allowed me witness the riots after the unknown Soviet soldier statue was removed from a street in Tallinn, for example. I know that the Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians live under a tangible threat. And it only got more worrisome with the annexation of Crimea.

However, that’s not the issue here. The issue here is how laughable journalism and opinion pieces have become. Specifically, how some very opinionated douchebags in the progressive camp have a serious case of hypocrisy, at best, and of brain damage, at worst. As a heavily left leaning canine, I am ashamed of the lack of consistency and the utter shallowness of principle of the so-called liberals. Why the hell do they not apply the same principle to Islamists, for example? They think it is kosher to chastise ethnic Russians for being a threat to Europe’s former Soviet chunk but when it comes to other national, ethnic or religious groups they change the discourse and turn intellectually bland. Consistency is one of the features of a sharp mind. And the left rags lack an inch of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not in favor of kicking neither Russians nor Muslims out of Europe. What I favor is that so called liberal intellectuals are lobotomized. Ever since the wall came down, the left has been either a bitch of the free market status quo, sugarcoating with some socially liberal pixie dust an otherwise neoliberal agenda, or utterly lost in subgroups of critical theory which, frankly, are pet projects for washed down tenured academics, e.g. lifestyle choices, multiculturalism, identity, and, frankly, nothing more than a Friedmanite “right to choose” utter shit. The left is orphaned and it will remain so if its self-proclaimed voices are inconsistent imbeciles. Sometimes, when I read or listen to other left leaning people, I wonder: were they able to find their own zipper after the wall came down? You see, that is the problem: they rode the Soviet threat and the fear instilled on the hearts of the oligarchs in order to extract labor rights, freedom of assembly, equality, third world independence, and many other social conquests. Those were the glory days, from the end of World War II until the fall of the USSR. And I would call that blackmailing game outright clever. However, many, if not all in the left, thought that fighting the system necessarily implied to buy the whole communist bumbo jumbo, with its dogmatism and atrocities included. What happened? That when the circus collapsed, they were orphaned and their gains started to be lost to the 1%, brick by brick demolishing the house which was built with so much effort. And for what? For coherence? For principled observance of the Third International? Come on, give me a break.

Every imaginable social good is nowadays privatized or on its way. What we used to understand as common good is today synonymous with good for the market. Remember the last time someone suggested to mildly regulate an economic activity? Yes, they got pelted in the name of freedom. While the freedom to exploit others is seen as freedom itself, mind you. Forget about working class solidarity, class war, or protest. What little left rebellion there is, if at all, happens to be reactionary, i.e. libertarianism, which is a a teenage social darwinism, a fertile ground for the privileged to become Randian heroes regardless of the social good. In the meantime, those few in the left are occupied with cowardly self-censoring language, in what, ironically, stinks of Russia’s secret police or an extremist Imam. Isn’t it ironic? The mentally weak and will deficient in the left (i.e. 100% of it) are the best buddies of totalitarian, barbaric ideologies! Or, if not best buddies, at least useful idiots.