Politics: A Spectator Sport

I can't stop laughing. Literally. I can't. I think I've peed on the floor already four times and my belly aches like a bitch. You see, I am set for the win because, no matter who comes on top at any election, my canine sense of smell has helped realize that politics is a private club and you, my friend, are not invited.

Are you all teary eyed and grumpy, your little fists clenched, because that honest, hardworking daughter of the proletariat, Hillary, lost? Or are you emboldened because that valiant, straight talking outsider of Trump stuck it to The Man? Either way, I have news for you: you lost. You see, by the time any human being is allowed to be on the ballot of a major country's election, with a remote chance of winning it, that person has been deeply vetted by the establishment and, most importantly, owes his or her soul to those who really run the show. So, remember this: whomever steps into the White House, Kremlin, Casa Rosada, or Downing Street, is for all intents and purposes a puppet.

Here is where it is useful to read (rather than just Wiki or hearsay) Machiavelli. You see, in its most naked, the writings of the Florentine are deliciously stripped of any disquisition about moral goodness or the like when discussing politics. When writing about virtue, he refers to it as personal qualities the prince ought to develop and use to maintain his state and to do great stuff. Those, my boy (or girl) are the oldest written measures of power: something which is to be kept or even increased, and which is a force to achieve things which would not be achievable without it. Cut to the chase and please deregister from that useless bachelor in political science. This is politics. Nothing fancier: how to get power, how to maintain it, and how to use it. And then Foucault sharply left us with the best GPS to find power, when saying (more or less words): wherever there is power, there is resistance. So, whenever you feel something inside you (or your group of buddies or your peers or whomever you hang out with) which feels uncomfortable and a little spring is trembling to launch a fight against it... power is being exercised over you.

Unless a revolution happens (and even in those cases there are always small groups set to benefit over the masses) politics is a spectator sport.