Trump is the King of Rappers

I won't go into the subject of the rap lyrics. Even though every time the Cheeto President Trump opens his mouth it is like listening to rap music, the hypocrisy has been commented ad nauseam by Republicans and they're as dumb as the Democrats. What interests me the most, instead, is how Trump epitomizes the narrative purported by rap performers in their life and career as projected towards the consumers. He is, undeniably, the Übermensch of rap and his life embodies what mainstream rap and hiphop aspires to. Any attempt at "war" by the latter is, therefore, cannibalism.

The genius of Nietzsche (otherwise a demented syphilitic) was to identify the nineteenth century crumbling of values --caused by taking those same values to their final consequence-- and its aftermath in the form of an disenchanted individual devoid of a life pregnant with pre-given moral meaning. "Don't sweat it, dawg", said Nietzsche, though, because for those men with enough mental strength and creativity, there was no need of supernatural support to assign meaning to life and, henceforth, from within his own moral autonomy, beyond good and evil, life would affirm its potential. Orphan of extrinsic moral goalposts, this Übermensch would not be all about chaos and impulsive behavior, though, because his measure of success is to have meaning in oneself according to one's inclinations, drive and passion. In aesthetics, for example, Nietzsche spoke not of an all encompassing law to judge a work of art, for example, but of the piece of art having a unifying sensibility which gives itself a wholeness --and fuck what's heteronomously considered appropriate, he said.

Enter the socially conscious rapper. Though there are plenty of rap artists (what some call proper artists) who go beyond identity politics and the low hanging fruit of police brutality, it is safe to say that the mainstream performers are all about bitches and bling. Pure testosterone. Going one's way, tearing apart qualms and obstacles, and grabbing the life by the pussy. The measure of success in such a worldview is being "nobody's nigger" and it is evidenced by vulgar displays of wealth. You name it: jets, fur coats, jewelry, lavish champagne parties, and unlimited supply of voluptuous bodies to go to town. Furthermore, the rappers' names are consistently displayed whether it is on vehicles, houses, and jewelry, but also on products, mostly clotheslines.

Enter Trump. A parallel universe which is not so bizarro as it is reflected in warm embrace. Name on buildings? Check. Steaks, vodka and clothes? Check. Hot mamacitas? Got it. Entrepreneurial worship? Indeed. And all displayed and voiced in an unapologetic manner. As the Nietzschean Übermensch, these specimens are voluntarily unintellectual while constantly careless about the extrinsic measures of morality, taste and appropriateness. In their world, which is defined by everything around their own bellybutton, what matters is money, power, and respect. First you get the money. Then you get the muthafuckin, power. After you get the fuckin' power muthafuckas will respect you.

And those were not my words but the lyrics of a rap song. Idiomatic expressions aside, they are also what Trump has constantly advertised as his achievements in life.