Tactical Emasculation vs. Sneaky F**ker


Back in November, 2017 I wrote what turned out to be the second most popular entry to this blog, Tactical Emasculation and Predatory Male Feminism, a phenomenon temporarily christened as PVCTE© (i.e. Predator Vibe Concealing Tactical Emasculation), based on the epidemic of male feminists who turned out to be sexual predators and female abusers, e.g. Sam Kriss, Tayler Malka, Rupert Myers, Mike Hafford, Andy Signore, Harry Knowles, Jamie Kilstein, Devin Faraci, etc. As predicted, the situation did not wane but, instead, confirmed itself as a trend. Ever since I penned that piece, we have added to the ranks the Godfather of feminist virtue signaling unmasked as a predator, Harvey Weinstein, but also the wet dream hero of unfunny comedian Samantha Bee, Eric Schneiderman, as well as your typical critical theorist academic parasite doing sociology and gender hogwash, Michael Kimmel.

The phenomenon has caught fire in such a way that several readers have kindly pointed me in the direction of evolutionary biologist John Maynard Smith's term sneaky fucker. As the theory goes, only dominant males mate successfully but, Smith observed, in some species the beta male, who stands no chance to carry its genes into the next generation, sneaks into females and impregnates them while the alpha males are busy battling it out for a shag. The eminent Richard Dawkins also talks about this theory, though tangentially, when discussing the passing of the gay gene.

A case in point is that of the cuttlefish, where small males, aware that they stand no chance of getting the females from big males, effectively cross-dress and place themselves underneath the females so when the alpha starts mating, the beta is the one who is effectively humping the female without neither the female nor the male noticing it. Now, this is an amazing phenomenon that sometimes happens in nature, but I want to make a case in the sense that PVCTE, while sharing some common variables with the sneaky fucker behavior, is a different beast altogether.

In order to illustrate the above, I have developed the table below using the most sophisticated tools of evolutionary theory --while keeping the language accessible to the layperson, of course.

In this cross-evolutionary study carried out at the laboratories of Chihuahua Books™ (using state of the art techniques and lab assistants with degrees from the highest ranked educational institutions in the whole word) we have put side by side the standard behavior in a normal, functioning society vis-à-vis the cuttlefish, which is paradigmatic of the sneaky fucker phenomenon. Thereafter, we have placed the same variables to the test against the maladaptive behavior of the subjects showing symptoms of predator vibe concealing tactical emasculation, or PVCTE.

Let's focus, then, on the differences between a sneaky fucker and a PVCTE. While their commonalities are out there for everyone to see (i.e. their attraction towards the opposite sex), the alpha males they compete with and the females they target are radically different. The sneaky fucker does confront the imminence of being shattered by an alpha male who, not happy with being much more of a male than its beta counterpart, is drawn into fierce competition with others of his caliber. This gives foot to an interesting cost-effective equation by the sneaky fucker who, indeed, risks mauling by an alpha though, at the same time, takes advantage of the exhaustion derived from battling to put on his make up, rock on those heels, and parade around the oceans as a cuttlefish drag queen. In any other circumstance, the sneaky fucker would be thrashed by mocking cuttlefish just hanging around looking for anyone flaunting extravagant behavior in order to unleash their insecurities. But the beta cuttlefish has made a calculation. Aware of its shortcomings, it calculates that it is worth to risk being mobbed by other cuttlefish in order to creep, incognito, as close as possible to the knickers of the female cuttlefish. What follows is, well, kind of sad. Picture a brave, majestic and triumphant cuttlefish ready to crown its victory with a mating session on a female who actually believes that she will indeed be impregnated by a male of superior quality... only to have the "accountant of cuttlefishes", and, even worse, in drag, be the one getting jiggy with it. In a way, it's like an admired, handsome and rich alpha human male using an air pump to prop up his mandhood --without anyone's knowledge, not even the man.

Enter PVCTE. As the chart shows, this is an entirely different creature altogether. For starters, the PVCTE subject is not in the market of hypergamous females. Even though some of them could be considered a "catch", they are generally too creepy, fat, old, ugly, or outright disgusting. What they have in common, though, is a combination of (a) their desire to be admired and respected, and (b) an inner knowledge about their deviancy. The PVCTE subject, unlike the sneaky fucker, is not entirely aware of its inferiority or, if he is, he refuses to consciously acknowledge it. The PVCTE-engaged beta subject presents, therefore, an alignment in his behavioral stance, strategy and tactic. As 3rd wave feminists, or any other female infected by its virus, lives in a parallel world to a normal hypergamous female, it constitutes a completely different population in which the beta isn't threatened by an alpha. Yet, as the population is, be definition, distrustful and openly hostile to men, the beta conceals its predatory vibe by tactically emasculating himself. That is achieved by writing, talking and announcing to the world, incessantly, about how feminists they are, even participating in degrading rituals in which they portray other men as pigs and rapists. Some, like Weinstein or Schneiderman, even channel copious amounts of resources to feminist marches, events, exhibitions, and all sorts of things.

There's a phrase that defines a key trait within the symptomatology of PVCTE psychopaths: "to be more papist than the Pope". That is, actually, their give away: they make too much of a fuss about their male feminist credentials. Alpha males are too busy climbing the dominance hierarchy, interested as they are in selecting among hypergamous females, to waste a single second of their time wearing pussy hats and parading their momentary castration. Too much obsequiousness among less desirable females is akin to an aging predator spotting the slowest pray among a herd. When the 6th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) comes out, I will be very happy to consult the American Psychiatric Association about the taxonomic and diagnostic tools of the PVCTE.

Lives could be saved!