South Whidbey vs. Aryeh Rohde

Aryeh Rohde is going places. But before he does, he has to wrestle with America's creeping cancer: socialism. Yes, you read it right: In 2019, after 100 million corpses and countless tears, the land of the free and home of the brave has a cancerous cell in its body.

As we all know, academia is invaded by radical leftists. People who could not fend for themselves in the real world due to their cowardice and lack of intelligence found refuge in schools all over America. Until lately, with all the snowflakes clutching their pearls whenever there's a speaker who isn't a Marxist and the courses in 'critical studies' this and that, many thought that the disease was limited to campuses, tech companies, and media. However, few expected to see the exact same rats infesting high schools.

Aryeh, a senior at South Whidbey High School, was excited to see his photo in the school's yearbook. After all, he's the youngest member of the Libertarian Party. And when all the other kids are busy eating Doritos and gaming, streaming porn, or covering their faces in anti-acne cream, Aryeh spent his time touring Washington state speaking against Marxism and fighting for Second Amendment rights. You bet he's the famous guy at South Whidbey High School! Sadly, the school principal, John Patton, a sworn social justice warrior, allowed the removal of Aryeh's photo from the yearbook. And, to add insult to injury, the coveted publication included, instead, a photo of Karl Marx. Yes, you read that right. Karl Max.

Now, we invite you to read and listen to Jason Rantz, from KTTH Radio, talk at length about this case. Also, give Aryeh a follow on Twitter. But, if you are in America, consider taking a minute to reach out to the virtue signaling, venal, and pathetic activists running South Whidbey High School and letting them know how you feel about bullying smart kids because they dare to think for themselves.

Remember, you aren't Aryeh and neither are your children. But they can be next. If you don't fight for a country where kids like him can develop based on their initiative, courage, and smarts, that country will be lost before you decide to take a stand.