The Southern Fatwa Law Center

It was recently discovered that Google uses the Southern Poverty Law Center to police Youtube videos. That is akin to hiring the Ayatollah Khomeini as Salman Rushdie's editor.

The analogy is not a coincidence, mind you.

From the novelists usually linked to magical realism, Salman Rushdie is, to my taste, its best exponent outside Latin America. Among the British authors of the last decades, he's skilled at knitting character development through the fabric of their original culture and that of their adoptive countries. I like his work and so does the literary world, for he has won accolades of caliber and is even knighted. However, he's best known to the world as the guy whose head was put a price by the Ayatollah Khomeini. To this day, he's still game for any Muslim willing to off him and the bounty is half a million bucks, part of which was contributed by Iranian media --yes, the same trustworthy media not reporting about the Iranian protests.

Rushdie's crime was to write The Satanic Verses, a small part of which includes a dream-like narrative where "The Messenger" makes reference to three Quran verses that seem to allow pagan prayers. For that, the Ayatollah issued a fatwa, which is an authoritative legal opinion on islamic law issued by some dude trained in those matters. While plenty of them nobody cares about, they are sometimes controversial and lead to violence. And while Rushdie is still alive and kicking, he lives with security and, unfortunately, people related to his work have died or hurt, like translators of his work and the like. Moreover, the whole incident is said to have kicked off the cultural war around freedom of speech that continues to this day. Back in that time, Labor politicians like the pathetic Keith Vaz, as well as conservatives like Norman Tebbit, inaugurated the sad, sad sport of virtue signaling and joined the condemnation against Rushdie... for writing a freakin' novel.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) operates in a similar way. First of all, we're talking about a recognized radical leftist organization and, as such, it ferociously espouses such views --not the ones of the whole world but, hey, that's a tiny detail, right? Instead of fatwas, though, the SPLC issues (quite generously) the "hate speech" stamp right on the forehead of anything that is not far left or to their liking. Youtube is currently engaged in a demonetization orgy of conservatives, as is Twitter and its censoring of anything that is not openly waving the hammer and sickle red flag. Careers are destroyed and lives turned upside down once the SLPC issues one of its fatwas. And, just like in the case of Rushdie, sometimes things gets violent. I mean, a confessed terrorist actually went into a rampage based on a fatwa by the SLPC. And, listen up, it's not like they hide it. While unleashing the hounds against people with different opinions to theirs, they refuse to offend the little angles of Antifa, an actual terror organization whose members engage in street violence while using balaclavas.

Another resemblance between the SLPC and the Ayatollahs of yesterday and today, is that they aren't poor, ragged, and valiant Davids confronting a Goliath, speaking truth to power and trying to break the chains of oppression. The partisan progressive hitmen of the SLPC are actually a very well oiled business machine. Lavish offices, hundreds of employees, a freakin' gift shop, a leader with a personality cult around him and an yearly salary of $300 thousand, fat cats lobbying on their behalf to silence critics, and an endowment of more than $300 million. What else do you want? With a lifestyle like that, the incentive of "ending hate" is not exactly very strong, for doing so would end the fiesta.

No wonder coming from an organization that profits from intolerance. Oh, yes, and they never issue fatwas against their juiciest donors. Just like the Ayatollah.