Addicted to Outrage


Right now, from the European perspective, America looks like an extravagant and mad parade. That is because the soul of Europe is already crushed under the claws of cultural marxism. America isn't. Just yet. What Europeans see in America at this very moment in history is the chance they had, but blew, decades ago, to strike the death blow to the red menace. As it happens to all those who are defeated, the self-inflicted wound --or laziness, stupidity, blindness-- become unrecognizable with the passing of time. The sheep doesn't reflect on its sacrifice when it has already turned into a lamb chop. In the meantime, those few observers who are levelheaded continue to ask themselves, while scratching their heads, befuddled: " why are the progressives jumping from one hoax to the other, name calling and lying like machine guns with the verbal diarrhea mode on, while showing not even the slightest intention to stand still for a fucking second and reflect about the facts? " And that's a fair question but... You see, those asking that question do not understand something fundamental about marxism, in general, and today's leftist types, in particular: truth is irrelevant when the story is a (fabricated) life or death situation; in such a scenario, the only goal becomes to maintain the outrage at the highest, sustained level possible and to do so no matter what, damned be the facts, ethical considerations, or even self-respect. Why do you think they keep peddling the climate emergency hoax, for example, traumatizing children despite freakin' scientists get tired of telling everyone that the world won't end tomorrow? The Woke need the stridence, the urgency, the outrage extravaganza, if you may, in order to capture the narrative and make facts disappear, thus silencing any possible debate under a blanket of volcanic emotions.

Examples abound. The complete burial of basic biological facts in order to peddle transgenderism to school children, for example, in which the progressives go to the extreme of bringing sex offenders in drag to read stories to kids. And then, just like in the Great Purge, these paladins of compassion and freedom savage each other to death whenever they smell that someone isn't reading from Mao's Little Red Book. Look at how the progressive apparatchik and the mob went after Stephen Fry, one of their very own, for the "crime" of doing the ok hand sign, now branded as hate speech by the Salem trial council of the ADL. Or just look at the Ukraine scandal for another pearl: Democrats have launched a full swing pitchforks-and-torches parade against the White House with the argument that the President tried to strong arm the Ukrainians... while their frontrunner is on record bragging publicly about the same thing; and even their House Speaker has a son who collected checks from oil and gas companies because mommy is an influential politician! If that wasn't enough, one of their own is caught blatantly lying about the President's conversation with the Ukrainian president --when the President had, all the time, the power to simply release the call transcript (which he did) and bring the loonies into disrepute.

And then you have the peripheral circuses, of course, which may not be the main show but are still quite useful to illustrate this utter madness. For example, the woke intelligentsia's new saint: a Swedish kid with Asperger's Syndrome who goes around town with zero knowledge but, still, wagging her finger to anyone who dares to doubt their new green religion, apparently bankrolled by moneyed giant vampire squids and at least by her Antifa-loving parents (Let's not forget that the communists, during their wonder years, did the same, i.e. use children as political artifacts.) Or how about the West's progressive poster boy Justin Trudeau? A winner of the sperm lottery, morally and intellectually challenged, who gets caught again and again committing ethical breaches and wearing blackface, yet the far left pamphlets, dedicated in heart and soul to sell progressive fairy tales, spin the faux pas (just like he demanded it from his acolytes) as a learning opportunity. The same zombie herding phenomenon occurs with regards to globalist darling Emmanuel Macron, who, with impunity, represses the Yellow Vests while the media hardly covers it, in what looks like a media perception control exercise quite frankly. Hungry for more? Look at the NBA. This giant business, by definition geared solely on profits, went nuclear against North Carolina for not following the accepted party line and daring to legislate on gender neutral bathrooms, while the corporation's executives pontificated that they're all about people over profits, and that diversity and inclusion guides them morally, blah blah blah... just to end up inserting their noses in China's rectum months later because one coach dared to tweet something sympathetic about the Hong Kong protestors; yes, the protestors, i.e. a bunch of kids who are risking life and limb to protect their country's (shrinking) freedom and democracy against the communist dictatorship.

As you can see, leftists get caught with their pants down all the time. Why do they keep doing it then? Don't they care about their credibility? The answer is no. This is not a credibility game anymore. Otherwise, the progressive movement all over the world would have collapsed by now. The only rational explanation for why this has not happened is because among the social justice crowd it pays to feed the outrage machine. The currency they survive on isn't facts but how can they keep the anger at a maximum and, by hammering down, mercilessly, as many lies as possible, to turn them into a strange kind of truth. What type of truth is this? Not an objective one, for sure, but the kind that penetrates into the gut and triggers behavior. This is, repeated, the same old story of the mob with pitchforks and torches advancing menacingly through town to burn the house of a witch. An imagined one, that is. Each and every radical leftist revolution in the history of humankind has started just like that, i.e. by flaming the flames of resentment, visceral and open hatred sustained by nothing else but what the mob is told to believe. This time is no different.

Brace yourselves, a shit storm is coming.