The Eggnog Archipelago

Lindy West's excruciating calvary

Even though I try not to read The New York Times based on principle* the reality is that I read almost everything that falls into my paws. Sadly, I clicked (and read!) an article by angry feminist and fat acceptance advocate Lindy West and, oh boy, was I set for a surprise. Here's the literary jewel but, be warned, is raw, unprocessed, and unthought manure...

Brave Enough to be Angry

I really, really, really didn't know that gulags still existed and that poor Lindy was held in one of them against her will.

For starters, Mrs. West draws first blood by affirming: "We are seething at how long we have been ignored, seething for the ones who were long ago punished for telling the truth, seething for being told all of our lives that we have no right to seethe." Yeah, well, how about... no? I'm all with Christina Hoff Sommers on her portrayal of fainting couch feminism. This victim view of women not only converts them into a cartoonish version of who they are as individuals, but completely devalues the momentous wins achieved by what is known now as first wave and second wave feminism. While the third wave is just a parasitical and clownish offshoot of Marxism, infused with ethnicity, race, culture, and whatnot (useful replacements for the failed class struggle), the voting, property, family, workplace, and other inequalities corrected earlier in the benefit of women had implicit in them the damn right to seethe as with any other human being in the West. Hey, if that wouldn't be the case, this spoiled brat wouldn't have a privileged space at The New York times to (justifiably) rant like an underpaid McDonald's worker. Correct?

The sniveling brat then continues, i.e. "The decades-long smearing of Hillary Clinton as an unhinged shrew culminated one year ago today when, despite maintaining a preternatural calm throughout the most brutal campaign in living memory, she lost the election to masculinity’s apoplectic id." Don't get me wrong, this woman had no credibility for me from the start, but this is where her aimless rant resoundingly crumbles. Mrs. Clinton didn't lose an election because of her tits and vagina. She lost because she was an awful candidate. This social justice typist fighting for the right to get chubby by gobbling up McNuggets ad infinitum may know how to handle a keyboard, but, oh boy, she certainly is lost when it comes to electoral politics. Casey Anthony would have defeated Donald Trump for shits and giggles. The problem with the Clintons, and I am not referring just to Hillary, is that they are a mafia and the Americans are so fed up of their shenanigans that they pulled a Jesse Ventura just out of spite.

I am not joking when I say that I would totally support Lindy West if she were a Saudi woman fighting for her right to drive a car or not to be married/raped before her first period. But, in the freakin' West? Please. Even the rallying cry of the gender pay gap is a myth! Women are more likely than men to earn a college degree, and, to top it all off, their gains increase by the hour, widening the gap between them and the sorry state in which their Eastern sisters get by. So, when this lunatic affirms that "feminism is the collective manifestation of female anger" she is not only lying her teeth out but confirming the stereotypes that serious, true feminists denounce on a daily basis. I shit you not, when I read her piece and what she describes, I thought she was referring to a life in the Gulag Archipelago, shoulder to shoulder with Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, being roughed up on a daily basis, forced to endure hunger and cold while not even being allowed the luxury of complaining, always under constant surveillance by a thought police hellbent on destroying her very soul until the complete extermination of her last trace of humanity. Instead, she is pampered and affluent, free to chug eggnog for lunch and to vacuum Twinkie after Twinkie like a starving wood chipper, and to do so while accusing of oppression that very system that has provided her with a spoonful of comforts.

Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

Even in the alpha male world of the wild west, over 200 years ago, women were already kicking ass, claiming land of their own, farming, teaching, and, in general, fulfilling a role of "domesticators" across a vast, wild country. For this psychotic buffoon to claim that only now women are allowed to be tough and make gains for their genre is not only ignorant but, frankly speaking, unbecoming of a column at The New York Times. Trees die to print that stuff. Make it count, fools.

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* One of the largest shareholders is Carlos Slim (17%), longtime imbiber of the tit the Mexican cleptocracy offers to its crony pals in order to line up their pockets. Moreover, they shamelessly peddled Stalinist propaganda while allowing Pulitzer prize winner Walter Duranty to cover up the Ukranian famine of the 1930s, in which at least 2.4 million perished at Soviet hands.