An Era of Bloodshed Upon Us

evil chi

The meat hardware is the basis for humans' information processing capabilities, and, with its strengths and weaknesses, it frames that information into a certain type of binary output. That output is then processed by the software, which, as the hardware, has its pros and cons, thus framing workable actions based on the information and how it is processed. That is what humans are: the hardware is their biological reality, a pipeline network built by engineers, if you must; the software, running on the rails of the hardware --and thus constrained by it-- is how humans grasp their reality and that of the world around them, i.e. an architectural design built upon the engineering structure, so to speak.

The interaction of both when fed with information, plus the drive of the machine to act is, well, precisely what determines how humans act upon reality. The problem, though, is memory. In this computer/civil engineering metaphor we're playing with, memory is limited. Where do humans store the massive amount of processed data that goes through their senses? As it happens, they, too, have a cloud. And the cloud is terrifying. Have you ever thought what the cloud is? The cloud is nothing more than a lot of hardware and software storing distributably all the information within the system.

Humans, as social animals, have a pretty daunting cloud. Their cloud is the collective unconscious, both the preinstalled and the phenomenological. What do I mean by this? The sophisticated machine that the human brain is, both hardware and software, has a particular shape because it is not created piecemeal and on the spot. Rather, it comes from an assembly line existing for millions of years and that it has learned to adapt slowly to the genetic changes originating in behavioral patterns throughout time. As a conscious, self-aware animal, the human mind contains already a formidable software in its ancient hardware --whether blank slate cheerleaders like it or not. There are things there that aren't learned but just... are: from automatic things like breathing, balancing, eating, the drive to move forward and to explore, to reach out and the like, to more convoluted ones like the seeds of a proto-morality. Yes, you read it right: among other things, preverbal infants come installed with a moral app within its software. That is the collective unconscious, a preinstalled one. In that cloud there are mythical things that no human has ever decoded and whoever has tried to reach it, for good or bad, has gone mad. Why myth? Because what's there is so profound and complex that the brain cannot understand it intelligibly, instead opting for poetic language, allegories, images, grandiloquent and cryptic symbols that attempt capture a bit of the enormity that language and the current hardware and software can't.

And then there's the phenomenological cloud. There isn't a clean cut between the preinstalled and the phenomenological cloud, as the two feed each other in a feedback loop that, throughout millennia, adjusts them and even modifies the very assembly line where the original hardware and software are put together. The phenomenological cloud is here and now, though. As necessarily social animals, humans not only store information as they go but also in a cloud where everyone else is storing all the time. In a faulty but working peer-to-peer system, that cloud contains everyone's subconscious, their culture as it was acted out yesterday and today; it is, in summary, a meme-like depository of the interaction of everyone with everybody else. That is why every person who has had the tools and drive to tap into that cloud goes mad (thinking of you here, Nietzsche you crazy fella.) It is simply too much information and, if decoded at least competently, it contains all the good and all the evil in the world, both preinstalled and uploaded in the instant. No mind can take that overload of raw data.

Today, with the advent of technology, the cloud got bigger and scarier. And with means of transport that few generations back would have been the stuff of sci-fi, the immediacy of human contact just got weirder. For free, humans can now exchange fluids with each other by swiping right, and for a few bucks, they can cross the world and face each other. This has created not only a bigger cloud but also the information stored therein is much more dissimilar and, thus, prone to friction. While hundreds of years ago the phenomenological cloud was common to a certain territory of people who would see each other from birth to death, today there is one giant cloud covering billions of humans who experience reality and the approximation to Being in different forms. It is not enough that the preinstalled cloud is common to almost everyone (as the universal myths and archetypes show) because now the way in which each phenomenological cloud experiences the world is stored in the same place where other realities are stored.

If you don't think this is a recipe for chaos then try to build a network with computers from different decades, with different operating systems, and different applications. Even though they're all computers and, thus, share an underlying logic, they simply can't communicate with each other or at least not intelligibly. As the correct conservative mindset dictates, there is no reason not to attempt this, but one has to facilitate it through cautious, methodical, and responsible development of an interphase, one which may take several generations. You just don't dump all the hardware into a tiny room and shout at it until they start "doing something" or wish the chaos away.

However, since these phenomena don't materialize immediately, the results cannot be seen in the lifespan of a single human, and the next generations require the curiosity, thinking finesse, and disposition to decode the information uploaded to the cloud by their predecessors. What we are seeing right now is an unprecedented dumping of data, different hardware, and antithetical software in a claustrophobic space. Whether this is just the way the era is shaping up to be or some wishful thinkers are consciously pushing for, the result is chaos. The anger and frustration currently stored in the phenomenological cloud is creating a blindness towards the lessons contained in the preinstalled one, and it will wipe out the entire network, believe me. Do you think the shifts occurring in Europe and America are coincidental? The western hardware has ran out of processing power and its software ditched long time ago, when God died, the ability to process the most ancient part of the cloud: tradition, myth, transcendence.

When a clash of more primitive hardware, loaded with software geared towards deciphering the preinstalled cloud, clashes with sophisticated but terribly dumbed down software, one that is arrogantly opposed to processing anything else but the immediacy of the phenomenological cloud, communication won't occur. Not only that: bloodshed will be the result. It is funny because the so-called sophisticated hardware has become effeminate, comfortable, and has willingly wasted its processing potential in lieu of the here and now. It has, in a reboot of Paradise Lost, fell in love with the fruit of its intellect. It has chosen to reign in hell rather than to serve in heaven. But it will disappear instead, and it will be a death by suicide.