What's the purpose of Chihuahua Books?

Laika :)

Nearly 8 million people died under Lenin, either from war, famine or other not-so-nice causes. As a matter of fact, there has never been any major attempt to bring about Marxist utopia without bloodshed. 100 million human lives reaped in 100 years is one hell of a handicap!

Unfortunately, despite its resounding failure Marxism has made a comeback. It has done so under a new disguise, though, i.e. the so-called social justice that the progressives talk about all the time. Yeah, you've heard about it. Since Marxism failed in its predictions that capitalism would bring about misery to millions, then collapse, and after that trigger the workers of the world to unite against their "enemies", the prophets of Critical Theory (neo-marxists by definition) have allied with everyone hellbent on bringing down what the West represents. They have replaced the parts of their dogma that "did not work" with wishy-washy concepts so as to continue their war on liberalism (in the European sense of the word). Whenever there is a Western tradition being expressed or exercised, you will find a protesting horde of blue-haired ogres or bespectacled university professors trying to dismantle it: individualism, progress, science, free enterprise, logic, cooperation, secularism.

children playing to be red

We are truly in the midst of a culture war. If you are wondering what is happening at universities all over the West, this is it. The same topics pop up all the time, whether in the classrooms, at the university events, or during the embarrassingly childish demonstrations by the radicals: censoring of conservative speakers, the invention of 70+ genders, the imaginary micro aggression fiesta, safe spaces galore, hatred for science, negation of objective truth, the hogwash of an oppressive patriarchy formed by white men, the lunacy of the dogmatic view of intersectionality, and, in general, the overt support for anything that would undermine the Western culture, including the enthusiasm of jihadist "refugees" invading the West. Hell, they're even ready to embrace tyrants, murderers and madmen just because doing so bothers the hell out of conservatives, centrists, and anyone with an ounce of common sense!

The saddest thing is that these mad people are borrowing yet another page from the Marxist playbook and going after children. Have you noticed the ludicrousness of what is happening at Canadian, Swedish, British, and German primary schools and even kindergartens? Unbeknownst to parents, social justice teachers encourage kids to "explore their gender", have drag queens read them stories, and take them to mosques to "learn from other peaceful cultures." In the meantime, ridiculous situations arise, such as forbidding to say "God bless you" when someone sneezes, reprimanding teachers for calling young students girls or boys, or high-fiving with them. Marx said, in his delusion, "the education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother's care, shall be in state institutions." And Lenin, that "paladin of peace", said once "give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." Nice, isn't it?

A collage of stupidity

What is a parent supposed to do? What options do they have? There are millions of parents who don't want their children to be gender-bending, Antifa-sympathizing, deluded snowflakes with blue hair and nose piercings, rioting against their teachers for the "sin" of using for class books written by "white men", all the while they pursue a useless PhD in Feminist Dance Therapy and gobble up detergent. The option is to "immunize" the kids at home; to provide them with the necessary tools to defend themselves from the strident, intransigent, and mad ideology that they will encounter eventually, whether one likes it or not. The vultures haven't reached the homes of millions of people to brainwash their kids. But not for long. Social justice cartoons, films, and even books, all of them loaded with identity politics hogwash, are starting to penetrate the families' living rooms.

Europeans being idiots

Look at Ontario, Canada, for example, where parents can have their children taken away if they teach them anything conflicting with transgender ideology; all because the government claims that LGBT rights are above than the rights of parents to pass onto kids their values, beliefs, and worldview. How progressive. Well, the danger is not only that the Neo-marxists are aiming their propaganda efforts to younger kids everyday (as Lenin wanted), but that governments are slowly being captured by the same deranged people (as Marx hoped). Do you see the danger?

If the demented leftists are taking power and opening the floodgates of their preposterous dogmas on children, parents have to inoculate their young ones, as soon as possible, against the virus threatening them. That is why Chihuahua Books does what it does: by publishing children's books and young adult graphic literature, it tries to put into the hands of the kids the information they need, in a compelling and fun format, in order to identify the threat of the insidious new shapes of Marxism. That way they can spot the bullshit and walk away from it. Or, even better, they can tackle it head on and be a force for change.

Marxists fear children's books. If they can't reach the kids during their first years, that's the only window a parent has to plant the seed of common sense in them. The rascals will be grateful when they grow up and become healthy, balanced, and productive members of society. And their parents, in turn, will have fulfilled their duty to raise sane kids with commonsense and a backbone. There is no better way of fighting this war against madness.

Chihuahua Books may be tiny but it is fierce and won't take shit from anyone.