The Civil War Is Here


It started. Just because you don't see the bullets flying all around you doesn't mean that it is not happening. That's precisely why the whole fratricide event is much more insidious than old school, gunpowder and battlefield warfare. Absent the latter, the good ol' Geneva Convention does not apply. Everything is fair game: your children, their schools, the social media and TV and films around you, your workplace, and the public spaces that you frequent with your family. And all weapons are allowed: the courts, media, public opinion, and, of course, vintage armament short of large rifles. As long as the latter don't pop up, actually, the civil war will remain in its stealthy, venomous level.

Check, for example, the recent vicious attack of freelance reporter Andy Ngo at the hands of the progressives' armed wing: Antifa. Portland, a beehive of smelly leftists who are desperate to turn a once beautiful city into another San Francisco, have victimized this journalist for daring to expose hoax hate crimes and giving the public a closer look at a US domestic terrorist organization. This is the most conventional form of war. In this layer of the civil war, there are weapons and old school violence involved, the goal of which is to make anyone not kissing the ring of Neo-Marxism a literal nazi and, therefore, a fair target for physical harm. Notice how careful they are not to produce larger weapons or to terrorize people other than intermittently. Doing so would force the gears of the federal machine to get into motion and then it would be bedlam. So far, they have relied on the leniency of puppet politicians at the lower level, like weak mayors, so the low intensity violence and intimidation remain under the radar of the army.

As long as the enemy combatants keep beating the odd journalist and the random person daring to wear a MAGA hat, the civil war will continue crawling under the radar of the standard rules of engagement. In the meantime, the real warfare develops in the form of creeping fear into the veins of society's everyday existence. And the darkness is advancing towards you whether you like it or not.

In places formerly known for being civilized, like Canada, a male with a complete set of penis and testicles can claim to be a woman and then use the courts (yes, the real ones!) to beat into submission a few poor women who dared to refuse him a genital area wax. Don't believe it? Read it for yourself. It is real and it is coming from a known pervert with actual political backing. It is not a joke. In the meantime, in other supposedly developed countries, like England, the NHS sacks doctors who refuse to lie and, thus, say that gender isn't "assigned" at birth. And if that wouldn't be enough to send chills down your spine, in Germany the government is spending actual resources, which are badly needed in the streets, to, instead, raid the homes of 36 geezers who arrived home after a hard day at work and had the nerve (the nerve!) to post something mean on damn Facebook.

This is a frontal attack on what we considered to be a wholesome society. The West (with capital W) was a trial and error experiment in freedom and restraint. Armed with vast resources in aesthetics, moral reasoning, political philosophy, and a serious belief in the intrinsic divinity contained within every individual, this civilization launched valiantly forward while saying that we all deserved a shot at being ourselves, at speaking our minds and reaching to wherever our minds would take us --while the limits of the latter were precisely others' freedoms and the freedoms that we share in common: thought, expression, assembly, dissent, and belief. Now? Now we are, well, in the middle of a civil war. The very institutions we once relied upon to secure the Western dream are telling us, without carrot but a big stick, that there is wrongthink and that whomever dares to exercise his or her freedom shall be cast out from what's now "polite society". Jobs, reputations, businesses, and even lives have been lost to a war with less bullets than words but no less devastating because of that.

What infuriates us is that, just as Leszek Kolakowski warned us in "Looking for the Barbarians: The Illusions of Cultural Universalism", not all cultures are equal. But, in practice, while we, the civilized ones, are beaten up and disenfranchised for exercising the freedoms we gave for granted, members from evidently lesser civilizations are forced upon our communities and are then coddled, helped, spoiled, and even excused from raping, pillaging, rioting, knifing, destroying, and making a complete mockery of everything we hold dear. London is the knife crime capital of Europe at the hands of Those Thou Shalt Not Name, Sweden is the place to go if you are a refugee and wish to throw grenades at people. Hell! They even give them citizenship and celebrate by raping a Swedish woman! And to top this gelato made of feces with a cherry, leaders like the Vatican squatter (a.k.a. The Pope) go out and tell us that while getting rammed in the butt we should not only take it but pull down our pants a bit more.

Because, at the center of it all, is an ideologically perverse belief that the most prosperous, comfortable and generous civilization in the history of humankind is, well, bad... bad because sins are intergenerational and nothing good can be behind anyone having a bit more than someone else. Neither competence nor resilience, and even less industriousness or sheer skill. There is a generation of naive brats (and an army of political opportunists willing to exploit a clientele) who adapted the rusty, defeated mechanics of Marxism and spiced it up with (now) common clichés such as intersectionality, social justice, diversity, open borders, and equity. For these cultists, it is completely irrelevant that the last time their dogma was tried in reality it literally was at the cost of 100 million lives. Yes, literally. One hundred million people were starved, tortured or worked to death, or outright shot, when this same utopia was attempted.

In the next episode of this rant I will explain why is it that hyper-capitalist, techno-buddhas with hoodies and mansions in Silicon Valley not only can coexist but happily are in cahoots with an army of hairy, smelly, and pink-haired antifa cannon fodder who swear by Marxism. Until then, go check the links I provided. You will realize that, indeed, we are in the middle of a civil war.