The Guilty Pleasure of Collaborating


History is a merciless judge and, in due time, it shall release a harsh judgment on Emmanuel Macron. A true heir to Marshall Pétain, Macron shows the peculiar eagerness of the subjugated in pleasing his master. Back in the days of Vichy France, the roaring lion to be fed and appeased was Hitler's Germany, hellbent on breaking Europe and driving it to its knees. Today, the collectivist machinery is disguised as a benevolent Europe though, expectedly, is also driven from Berlin through Brussels.

In The Gallic Wars, Julius Caesar wrote: "the Gauls must all do the same thing that the Helvetians had done, emigrate from their country, and seek another dwelling place, other settlements remote from the Germans, and try whatever fortune may fall to their lot." His premonitory power could not have been more fine tuned! Perhaps he foresaw, in the voracity and combativeness of the proto-germanic tribes, what was to come? i.e. the fall of Rome, the weakening of the Catholic church, the first and second world wars, and then the European Union. All of these, unsurprisingly, with Germany as the culprit.

And, again, as in those days, there are those who surrender. Moreover, amongst them are also those who rather be servants of the powerful than heroes of the overpowered, i.e. to be a whore or a jester in the court of the king than to be the Prince of Thieves. Emmanuel Macron belongs to the same ilk as the former: he is comfortable sitting at the feet of the tyrant's throne, where he is kept warm and well fed, than to go out in the cold and spearhead the defense of the silent majority. And the price to pay today for being a coward is not that hefty, particularly when one's wife is so much older, henceforth more likely to depart first from this mortal coil, and when one is childless, as there is no skin in the game and, thus, the humiliation of being a collaborator won't be tattooed to the forehead of any offspring. The last name Macron, as passed down to him, will perish in this generation. And, maybe, it is for the best.

What will be the price of being a collaborator of the totalitarian, collectivist, and relativist iron fist of Germany-through-Brussels? As said, History will deliver its judgment in due time. For now, what we see is a French hound released by the Bundeskanzler, its master, to do the tâche ingrate of barking at Merkel's nemesis, i.e. Donald Trump, President of the United States. Whatever the latter espouses, the former chastises. If Trump says the sky is blue he shall be contradicted by Monsieur Macron. And so on and so forth. Although this task is nothing new and, instead, it is a key shadowing role in the world of politics, it requires a wit, a vocabulary, and an intellectual baggage that, kindly put, Emmanuel Macron lacks.

What is the agenda of lackeys like Emmanuel Macron? Now that France is in chaos, with the riot police unleashed against the protestors, there are two key items that must be resisted if we are to keep Western civilization alive for a bit longer. One, is to stop the UN Migration Compact, a supranational and illegal agreement to bend over the nation-state, criminalize any criticism of immigration, and once and for all destroy borders. The other, evidently, is the creation of a European army, for it would be immediately used against countries like Hungary, Poland, or Italy for refusing to submit to the will of the globalists. These two tasks may cost lives, I am afraid, but there is no Western civilization if they're rammed down the throat of people.

Remember that chat with friends regarding what would you do if you could travel back in time? A decade or a century from now, people will be having the same conversation, half joking and half serious, and they will think about precisely this very moment in history.