Fooled by #googlememo aftermath?

I loathe postmodernists as much as as the dog next door. So, don't get me wrong if I ask you to put aside #googlememo for a minute. There is something much more important I need to tell you and that is: if your rage leads you to fall for the narrative of "Google = bad, X = good" (exhibit 'A' -- see pic above) then this momentum is lost and the SJW army of social constructionists has won yet another round.

Everybody knows by now what happened at Google. A (now former) employee armed with spot on research wrote a memorandum calling out the politically correct culture in the company. He argued that "lack of diversity" in the workforce wasn't due to discrimination but inherent in what women and men, in average, find interesting. It didn't speak about abilities, which individuals can possess equally regardless of what they have between their legs, but of interests --and in the average! Pretty mild stuff, if you ask me. Nevertheless, a battalion of snowflakes, whether unable to read it (or terrified as in each case when commonsensical facts threaten their blank slate, infinite interpretations, cultural marxist gibberish) went full retard, first, and then chimped out. I think they are handing out blankets and Xanax right at this moment in the Google headquarters, with shrinks scrambling to prevent mass suicide. And to top it all off, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, behaved like a scared bitch and became a mouthpiece of the snowflakes, and will end up resigning as some have already argued for convincingly.

So far so good.

What gave me chills, though, was to see the "poster attack" by some nerds trying to use the Google thingy to insinuate that all the Silicon Valley cult needs is for its prophet, Steve Jobs, to return from the dead. And, that, people, is utterly idiotic. Do you really think Apple is different? It is also a cult. It is a business. Just like Google, it preaches the Clayton M. Christensen bullshit (which Jill Lepore deliciously destroyed here), attempting to wrap themselves up in a cape of sanctimonious benefactors, while in reality their ventures are just another fucking business. Not better. Just the same. May I remind you that Apple has over $200 billion in cash overseas, basically sodomizing countless tax offices around the world? How about the prophet himself and his gangster-like use of patents to bully everybody around? And how much do you enjoy your iPhone stained with sweatshop blood, uh? I am convinced that just because Google is a nest of freaks with purple hair and emasculated beta males doesn't mean that Apple is a nest of brainy, mature, tolerant, and democratically oriented debaters.

Listen up, I am not against business. Free enterprise is good. What breaks my balls (and yes I do have them because my owner did not castrate me thank heaven) is to play like any other big business playing dirty to monopolize a turf while trying to sell the bullshit that, oh no, they ARE different. They are not. And, to be honest, they are worse. The coal, oil, and transport robber barons are at least evidently thugs. These tech startup fuckers are devious, twisted, and full of their own shit. And if they are surrounded and staffed by social constructionist neomarxists, they will cater to their own market, surroundings and staff, and shit all over the Jerry McGuire-esque employees who dare to buy into the "talk freely" lie.

So, please, take a step back and do not let this sad affair at Google make you think for a second that another tech juggernaut is enamored with science, devoted to free speech, and committed to true intellectual diversity. They're into this for money, just like everybody else. And they will spit, kick, bite, and shit whatever stands on their way. It just happens that some of these freaks are "bros" like in the Uber case and some are braindead like in the Google case.