Sow progressive, reap neo-marxist

Every once in a while I listen to the Joe Rogan podcast. He's nuts and there's usually a laugh to be had. But taking Joe as just another comedian would be undervaluing his work. He's good at timing and tone when talking to his guests, so if the guest is at the center of current events there are interesting insights for whomever wants to pay attention. The most recent podcast had Bret Weinstein, the teacher of Evergreen College who got mobbed by increasingly aggressive and authoritarian social justice warriors for the audacity of saying that a "Day Without Whites on Campus" was, well, kind of racist. New York Times succinctly explains there whole drama here.

I won't go over again on the vapid yet dangerous postmodernism which has taken over academia for the last decades. These students are your usual snowflakes with hammer and sickle flags, silencing dissent and fighting against the "patriarchy", "micro aggressions", and "safe spaces", a parallel world where "cis" and whites are the oppressors and everybody in their little club of victimhood are, well, the victims. I won't go over it again because, well, we've discussed here ad nauseam how that scum is the downfall of the civilized world and nothing short of forced lobotomies can save us.

What shocked me was that Weinstein spoke about his calvary for over an hour and even, to my surprise, dropped the 'P' word and paraded his scientist credentials to bash the ludicrous foundations of the religion created by Lyotard, Derrida and Foucault. Yet, whenever he had a chance, reminded the listeners that he is anti-racist, arch-progressive, and a fierce proponent of equity. Yes, dude, mother fucking equity. I don't know about you, but I can picture him during his class telling students that they're all special, that The Man has been crushing them for generations, and that it is o.k. to have your own truth and that there are no moral absolutes. I can picture him like the hippie teacher singing "Lesbian Seagull" in that epic Beavis & Butthead episode.

And the man is a biologist, for crying out loud. I was really disappointed that Joe, for all his (supposed) hatred of postmodernist gibberish, did not challenge Weinstein when he dropped 'equity' every time he could in the conversation. There is this man, who believes in equality of outcome regardless of effort and fairness, and who is a conscious or unconscious sympathizer of Marxism, whining about a bunch of sniveling brats with pink hair and face piercings who were mean to him. Excuse me, tovarish, but you are the father of those little monsters. Even though postmodernism dropped the positive, internationalist and materialist foundations of Marxism, Foucault and Derrida were outspoken, card-carrying Communists, and built their braindead pseudophilosophy on the idea of perennial power struggles. Make no mistake: postmodernism is the neo-marxism because the inherent nihilism of the former has only two logical conclusions, i.e. go red or commit suicide.

The sympathy I felt for the teachers at Evergreen has evaporated. Those far left, pampered and incoherent armchair marxists created a Frankenstein which is now screwing its creators in the stinker. And, you know what? Good. You reap what you sow. Now it is time to place on top of some campuses a huge glass dome and let nature follow its course. Weinstein is a biologist, he knows what will happen.