Hollywood, IQ & Perversion: Science's Next Frontier?

So, I encountered a tweet from a parody account of Julian Assange. You can see it below. And, for a moment, it made me think that, indeed, lately we hear more and more about sexual abuse among what the Americans call "liberals", mostly those in Hollywood. While this may be a mere consequence of the prolonged airtime that comes with the territory of celebrity status and, henceforth, just a mirroring sample of the general population, I couldn't help but to make the mental link with that study co-authored by the well known Prof. Peterson.

Here's the paper I am referring to:

J. B. Hirsh, C. G. DeYoung, Xiaowen Xu, J. B. Peterson. "Compassionate Liberals and Polite Conservatives: Associations of Agreeableness With Political Ideology and Moral Values." Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2010; 36 (5): 655 [CLICK HERE]

Although this may hurt the socially constructed hearts of the neo-marxist postmodernists, who nowadays infest universities and government like a plague of smelly rats, the bottom line is that political leaning (just like any other aspect of human nature) does not come out of thin air, determined by socialization, but heavily involves biology too. In the words of Jacob Hirsh, the lead author: "Conservatives tend to be higher in a personality trait called orderliness and lower in openness. This means that they're more concerned about a sense of order and tradition, expressing a deep psychological motive to preserve the current social structure." Now, hang unto your socks, cowboy, because here's another jewel. According to this study, there may be a link between lower IQ and pedophilia. Chew on this for a bit:

Blanchard, Kolla, Cantor, Klassen, et.al. "IQ, Handedness, and Pedophilia in Adult Male Patients Stratified by Referral Source." Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment. Vol 19, Issue 3, pp. 285 - 309 [CLICK HERE]

So, if one's biology, once shaped and reinforced by socialization, makes you more likely to be a conservative, it is very unlikely that you will go for being an attention whore who needs applause like an addict needs a heroin dose. High scores in the traits of conscientiousness and orderliness, paired with low openness, appear to predict not only a conservative leaning but the likelihood of a life of rolling up your sleeves, maintaining the course and defending tradition while working hard. On the other hand, there are those who are fiercely high on openness and agreeableness, and their political leaning is thus linked to career choices where such traits can be expressed, fulfilled, and rewarded. Enter the artists. Now, since everyone these days seems obsessed with being showered with likes, followers, and subscribers, I cannot say much about old school painters, sculptors, poets, and the like. But I think we've seen pretty much enough of those on social media desperately craving for everybody's attention on their work, whether that is a performance, a joke, a hiphop melody, or something like that.

But, what about IQ? The relationship between intelligence and personality is still a debated topic among psychologists, as some see them as not linked on that one while others contest that the criteria to divorce them, cognitive vs. non.cognitive processes, is vague. So, the jury continues to deliberate. But here is where we must be honest and ask ourselves: every time you read the Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics, how many times the article includes some powerfully brainiac insight by your favorite celebrity? Taking these studies at face value (as it is wise to do until peer review, controlled testing of the hypotheses, and new evidence point in another direction), thus, we could say that Assange wasn't that wrong with the referred tweet, regardless of his motivations.

If there is a link between creative people going to Hollywood, and IQ is not their forte, the probability of them preferring the underage in order to get off is not to be dismissed at least in serious academic circles. Next, I would suggest to run related studies in the same vein but performed on researchers and teachers working at the departments of gender studies, social work, literature, and sociology throughout the universities of the western world.