Mental Adolescence. Identity Politics.

History started way before you were born. Acknowledge that if you wish to leave mental adolescence.

* * *

It is very worrying that, in this day and age, two particular news have gone under the radar. One, the appointment of disgraced L'Oreal model Munroe Bergdorf as adviser of the Labour Party of Britain. The other, the South Africa parliament declaration that the era of reconciliation is over and that it will start to confiscate without compensation land owned by whites.

Suddenly, faced with these worrying news, the outrage machine of the radical left has gone silent. It no longer had words to stand against discrimination, for racial equality, or any other of their apparently compassionate progressive view points. And there is a reason for that: the social justice dogma is, in the leftist mind, not for everyone. It never was, mind you. But this is the right moment to, once and for all, put to rest any hesitation anyone may have had about the Marxist political agenda of the left. I have written about it before, so we won't go into the details on how the current identity politics gobbledygook is nothing but a continuation of communist ideology. Defeated by the moral and economic bankruptcy of their flagship laboratory, starting after Khrushchev's speech on Stalin's crimes, the Marxists vowed to destroy the West and, gosh, they're following up on their threat.

Part of the worldview that these people have gobbled up was summed up nicely by the man appointed by Jeremy Corbyn as adviser, Munroe Bergdoff. The model said, and I quote:

Because most of ya’ll don’t even realise or refuse to acknowledge that your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour.

“Your entire existence is drenched in racism. From micro-aggressions to terrorism, you guys built the blueprint for this s***.

“Come see me when you realise that racism isn’t learned, it’s inherited and consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege.

“Once white people begin to admit that their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth... then we can talk.

You see, in the minds of these kids everything started with their arrival to this world. And, needless to say, their views are cemented on the belief that the world is divided between good guys and bad guys. As adolescents that they are, they experience sudden, intense emotions and face profound confusion, as they are still developing the ability to think abstractly. This anti-white thing, particularly, is the wrapping paper for their need to virtue signal and, thus, gain their peers' acceptance. Reading is the best vaccination.

Azar Gat's "War in Human Civilization" heavily tips the scale in one of the oldest face-offs in modern civilization: Rousseau vs. Hobbes. According to Rousseau, the state of nature, back when humans were hunter-gatherers, was idyllic: peaceful, abundant and happy. For Hobbes, in the contrary, it was a time of brutish and short existence. Guess what? Hobbes was right. Aided by a wealth of information from several disciplines, Gat makes the most compelling case for humans massacring each other since time immemorial. And it makes sense, evolutionarily speaking, to the point that now, as humans move into a phase in which behavioral changes aren't as linked to biology and environment as before, civilization has progressed into the most peaceful era in human history. This tells us, for a start, that it is in human nature to be murderous as much as cooperative. The difference, it seems, is in scale. Killing 5,000 of one's own is, using stones and sticks, equivalent to killing 500,000 with bombs. When one understands that it is possible to put into perspective the ebb and flow of humankind. You see, those focusing on European colonialism conveniently forget about the expansive Egyptians, the slave-mongering Asante empire, the calculative but bloodthirsty Aztecs, and the Mongols. Oh, the Mongols! They essentially decimated entire civilizations. They raped, pillaged, and exercised ineffable cruelty throughout their expansionist drive and left absolutely nothing to show for it in terms of culture. All these empires, and many others, were spearheaded by (oh the horror!) "people of color". Yes, they weren't whites being greedy and bloody.

When one dispassionately looks at these facts it is easier to realize that, for example, the Mongols did not flatten Europe to the ground and beyond because of the death of the Khan, which forced his generals to pull back, regroup, and try to elect their successor. The intestine quarrels kept them from fulfilling their explicit plan to conquer the world and, in the way, left the Chinese and the Islamic world so knocked out that Europe was given the chance to pass these greater civilizations, develop and conquer the world. This is not to say "Mongols bad Europeans good", or Aztecas, Egyptians, Asante or any other civilization for that matter. The dynamic of humanity has always been a balancing game between working together and killing each other. A lot of chance has gone into determining the birth and death of many empires throughout history. And technology, of course, has increased the scale of (and knowledge about) every subsequent attempt to take over the world.

So, if building empires and kicking people around is the way of the world, how are we supposed to look at history? One way, at least if the goal is to progress into better beings, is to look, learn and improve the positive aspects of every era in history. Just like the other colonial powers before, Western civilization is plagued with atrocities and injustices. What is also responsible for, though, is for birthing or perfecting many of the cures for those injustices. Think about that for a second. The rule of law, democracy, free speech and thought, due process, equality, the scientific method. You name it! Not all of them are creations of the West but, by golly, it is undeniable that the collection of these wonders were all put together, polished, and made into a coherent system and a way of life by Western civilization. Look at one example: slavery. It wasn't "invented" by the West but, to everyone's shame, it helped it bring about a lot of wealth, just as it did for the Asante, the Egyptians, the Mongols, etc. But, guess what? The fact that we look at it with disgust today is a result of ideas and efforts originated in Western civilization. And, another riddle for you: guess where it is not practiced today?

By looking at all these things, the ultimate question is: Are white people saints because of that? No, but neither the devil. Hell, NO race on earth is... either way! It is about time we get rid of identity politics and stop assigning sin or virtue based solely on a group's skin color, sex, or ethnicity. It is bloody time individuals are judged by their actions, by the content of their character. Yet another gem in the marvelous fruits of Western civilization is individualism. Do you want some fries with that? We live in the most prosperous era in history. And it wasn't brought about by the communists, I tell you that.