Tactical Emasculation and Predatory Male Feminism

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The lineage of human males supportive of feminist causes is a long and distinguished one. Recently, though, the phenomenon has gone through a radical transformation, devolving into a syndrome that I am transitorily christening as PVCTE™ (i.e. Predator Vibe Concealing Tactical Emasculation).

Feminism as a movement is really, really hard to pin down. It is rather a stockpile of ideologies, movements and policy causes mostly geared towards obtaining equality of opportunities for the sexes. This is, of course, the encyclopedia definition, and from there we ought to venture into muddier waters as there are three stages in the feminist timeline, i.e. first wave, second wave, and third wave.

First wave feminism is a child of the Enlightenment. In my opinion, it is best embodied by Mary Wollstonecraft, whose 1792 seminal work, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, you can read here for free. Wollstonecraft wrote in a commonsensical way and asserted that women weren't inferior to men though appeared to be due to lack of education, and that the right thing was to treat both men and women as rational beings. As Enlightenment goes, Wollstonecraft dreamed of a social order based on reason and, because of that, it is difficult to call her only a feminist, for her work is undoubtedly a pillar of political significance and gave birth to the suffragettes. The fruits of first wave feminism consisted of changes to discriminatory laws, mainly voting, property ownership, etc. As male supporters of the movement we can count many, all men of intellect, repute and dignity, e.g. Bernhard Wise and William Hughes, politicians who eventually gave Australia what first wave feminists were after. Mind you, historical records show that they gathered with Australian suffragettes and discussed political issues, while being normal males with wives and children.

Second wave feminism took a step further, and its starting point is generally attributed to Betty Friedan's 1963 book The Feminine Mystique, which you can read for free here. This is the era when contraception was made available in the West, revolutionizing the sex life of everyone, and Friedan kind of went astray about what women's freedom of choice means by saying that the role of women in the nuclear family did not reflect happiness and was degrading for women. Still, and despite nutjobs like Valerie Solanas, second wave feminism had valuable fruits, namely the introduction of paid maternity leave, greater access to education, help with child care, and laws against domestic violence and sexual harassment. Among the valiant male supporters of these changes were John F. Kennedy and Justice Brennan (see Eisenstadt v. Baird Supreme Court decision), both of them well functioning males whose last interest was to creep around among the feminists.

This brings us to third wave feminism and, to be honest, the circus clown broke loose and everything went to hell in a hand basket. This is the stage of cult-like doctrines like intersectionality, postmodernist mumbo jumbo about oppression, and power struggles cemented more on Marxism than on the interest of equality. While first-wave and second-wave feminism achieved concrete and actionable legislative gains in the fight for the dignity of women, third-wave has achieved nothing of worth, to be honest. Despite being a meme for shits and giggles, the following summarizes it perfectly:


It is, frankly, identity politics, which is an offshoot of failed Marxists like Foucault, Derrida, and Marcuse. Unlike its predecessors, third wave feminism stands not on the ground of reason and human dignity but on anti-scientific propaganda and an outright paranoia. If today's third wave feminists would honestly look at themselves, clean up their minds from Crenshaws and Butlers, they would realize that there is little more to fight for in the West, and that the fruits of first and second wave feminism have not reached all the corners of the world, namely Africa and the Middle East. The fact that they are fully oblivious to that, and that even ally themselves with medieval ideologues against the tolerance, pro-science and sex equality of the West, tells you the caliber of their "feminism".

And, how about the male feminists? For the first and second wave movements we counted just a few of the high minded, noble and well-functioning males who could have continued to enjoy the fruits of their social stature, but, instead, chose to sacrifice time with their wives and children and placed their political careers in peril in order to stand arm to arm with the true feminists, and they fought together with them, as equals, the good fight that has brought to Western women the comforts, advantages, and freedoms they enjoy today. Here's a good summary of who the male feminists are:

If third wave feminism is about oppression, and its enemy is the cis white patriarchy, then the only logical avenue to be a male feminist is to voluntarily be emasculated. It makes no sense otherwise. Because, and this is a fact, being a male feminist can get you laid. Period. Check just a few of these so-called "male allies": Sam Kriss, Tayler Malka, Rupert Myers, Mike Hafford, Andy Signore, Harry Knowles, Jamie Kilstein, Devin Faraci, and the list goes on. These are dudes who just can't get enough of trumpeting all over the world how feminist they are, how men should shut up and listen and believe women, and why everyone with a penis is a rapist, an oppressor, and a scumbag.

Do you notice a pattern here? Go ahead, take a careful look at the photos, articles, and videos of these dudes I just mentioned. Then go through the videos of triggered snowflakes at university riots against free speech. Yes, I know you can see it. It is right there in front of your eyes, whether you can verbalize it or not right now. They all give that creepy vibe of the dude who feels incapable of being a man, of climbing the dominance hierarchy in order to gain confidence and have access to females. They all look slightly feminized, submissive and carry with shame some characteristic usually linked with unmanliness: ugliness, extra weight, awkward posture, unkept beard, stuttering, intellectual shortness, etc. Their way of bypassing those obstacles is to virtue signal like police sirens, walk around women like puppies on a leash, and through those maneuvers gain the confidence of some brainwashed, outraged, and vociferous feminist with pink hair and face piercing... and then get into her pants. But since they are frankly awkward and creepy persons, they end up screwing up by getting rough and fumbling. That is not to say, though, that by the time they got accused and exposed, they got to score like crazy.

But don't get me wrong. Those dudes are true predators. And since predators have a stench to them, an unmistakable macabre vibe, they temporarily emasculate themselves as a tactic to get near to their victims. Hence the term Predator Vibe Concealing Tactical Emasculation. Damn, I'm sending that to the DSM-5 for its inclusion among the paraphilia collection!