Is Germany still pushing for the final solution?

Many of us just don't get it. Natives and integrated immigrants alike. If Europe has an aging population problem, Latin America, Asia and Africa are teeming with talented and hardworking youngsters eager to have a better life. And they would easily integrate for their values are also Western. Instead, Angela Merkel continues to flood Europe with barbaric hordes bringing with them the cesspool they were supposedly escaping from. Since this whole mess makes absolutely no sense I decided to come up with the most outlandish explanation I could think of; and that is: What if Germany wasn't fully defeated in WWII and the refugee problem is their elite's attempt to complete the final solution? Hear me out.

First of all, one fact ought to be laid down, honestly. Nazism and communism are sides of the same coin. If you can read, this is a valid view. When Hayek visited Germany in the 1930 he noted that the atmosphere caused American and English visiting students a lot of confusion as to whether they sympathized with communism or nazism, though they all came back clear in their hatred of Western liberalism. Check The Road to Serfdom for yourself. And it is not hard to see it. You see, both are collectivist, totalitarian theories, and the only reason communism dragged all the way until today is because its competing cousin was wiped out in World War II. If you read some literature, speeches and newspapers from the period between the two world wars, you can see Goebbels & Co. on one side and the communists on the other arguing about who was the true friend of the German worker, who was the one most likely to defeat the evils of capitalism, and, in general, who had the ability of harnessing the collective strength of the masses. I seriously don't recommend reading this but if you must then go ahead. After going through materials from that period, it is easy to see that the only differences between them boiled down to nationalism vs. internationalism and a dictatorship of the volk vs. a dictatorship of the proletariat.

Second, there is the issue of anti-semitism. Do you really think the nazis wanted to gas the Jews while the communists came to their rescue like knights in shining armor riding on ethereal white horses and holding flaming swords of justice? Think again. Stalin, particularly, showed several times that he viewed Jews as cosmopolitan-driven and, thus, enemies of the proletariat, and he was happy to do them in. The arguments were dramatically similar to those used by the nazis, namely the anti-patriotic sentiment which Jews were said to have. Have you ever heard the term pogrom when hearing about persecution of the Jewish people? Well, it is a Russian word, so even before the Soviet Union these dudes were practicing the sport of persecuting and killing Jews.

So, with that as context, think a bit about the Germans, in general, throughout history. God, I love female German shepherds and the cars made in Germany, don't get me wrong, but they're pretty much hellbent on seeing the world burn to ashes. Like kids who get electrocuted but keep on putting their finger in the electric socket nonetheless, Germans have a long tradition of screwing everything up. I think Germans condense in one single human two characteristics that are great in a cyborg but not in humans: on one side they are hyper anally fixated but, on the other hand, they don't know when to stop. Like an autistic child with an AK-47. Bad combination. Think of them as flying cows. Death from above, if you know what I'm saying. To start with, the Germanic tribes came to contact with Roman culture and at first they loved it, learning their habits, military prowess, and customs. They could have integrated but, instead, they brought down the most wonderful civilization the world has ever seen. Oops! Yeah, so, not happy with that, they also brought down the greatest religious organization the world has ever seen, the Catholic church. Yeah, sure, the Catholics went a bit cuckoo with the papal and purgatory doctrines, and then started selling indulgences like a happy scientologist, but still, being Germans as they are, they went apeshit and caused a schism. Were they happy kneecapping the Roman empire and the Catholic church? Hell no, they tried twice to rule everybody. You see, when you're smart, you always end up being too smart for your own good, and Germans don't grasp the difference between being strong and being adaptable, the latter favoring the victory at the end of the day. So, in a way, I am not much surprised that Germans are, once again, spearheading the downfall of Europe. I mean, they've tried it already four times.

They. Have. Tried. To. Screw. Europe. Four. Times.

Read that again.

Four. Fucking. Times.

So, while this was expected, there is the issue of figuring out if this fifth is in reality a fifth attempt or if it is a continuation of the fourth round. Because, let's be honest: it does not make sense. Germany is the driver of Europe, there is no doubt about it. The Union is, in many ways, just a peaceful way of taking over the continent, widening their market and their manufacturing base. So, why do they want to screw it all up? A key element, which makes absolutely no sense, is the double speech involving what Germany says about Israel, on one hand, and on the other what it is really happening on the ground. What is the point of flooding Europe with the sworn enemy of Jews? Over half of the refugees hold openly antisemitic views, and on top of the rapes and the violence, Jews are starting to be persecuted again in German schools. Didn't they see that coming? They're Germans. Of course they did.

Take as an example the broadcasters in Germany, who had to be pressured before agreeing to air a widely praised documentary on the return of antisemitism in Europe. This reticence to openly talk about it and the constant policy of appeasement of the Muslim immigrants, accommodating to the extreme so they don't get triggered by slaps in the wrist after raping, stealing, and marauding, is no naivety. It is too much, dude. So, if you keep seeing news about Germans placing posters to teach Muslim refugees not to grope German women, instead of chopping off their dicks and sending them back to their countries, and you scratch your head in disbelief... now you have a new theory which may or may not explain this madness as a continuation of the final solution. As nazism is politically incorrect but communism is not, perhaps some German elites are trying to play dumb so their pampered guests finish the work they started back in 1930.