Portland & Alt-Media Victory

Your average journalist

The sacred cows of legacy media are dead. Hell, legacy media is dead altogether. The new up & comers are disregarded from the get go. With a few exceptions, the clickbait wars are crumbs fought fiercely by hyper radical progressive outlets unafraid to lie. There's filth for all tastes, i.e. from Huffington Post to The Daily Beast and Vice, you name it. They all have their cohort of gender studies graduates running stories on drag kids, drug use, trans madness, and pretty distorted views on events all over. Once everybody knew that partisanship is how the main TV channels roll there was news orphanhood. But during a brief window of time we had the solace of the old guard, you know, The New York Times, Washington Post, and so on and so forth. It all came crumbling down when it came out in the open that they are not there to report the news but to bet on their favorite political horses.

The Troll in Chief celebrated on Twitter when leaked memos uncovered that The New York Times itself gave marching orders to its feudal vassals saying that the Russian Hoax was no longer to be the battering ram; instead, now it was all going to be identity politics and to hell with news, all-in for 2020. Then CNN's Don Lemon was outed as forcing people to sniff his genitals, and to top it all it's no secret that Twitter, Facebook, and the robber barons of Silicon Valley are all progressives with a very public dislike for whatever is not radical progressivism. But in every dark cavern of filth, stench, and danger there's always a ray of light.

Recently, the People's Democratic Republic of Portland, ran by perhaps the most useless public servant in the Western hemisphere, Ted Wheeler, saw yet another incident involving his beloved antifa goons. This time, though, the Proud Boys were going to be present. And, suddenly, many of us, knowing that it was impossible to get unbiased news from any of the usual suspects, turned to the social media feeds of people like Sotiri Dimpinoudis or Andy Ngo, the latter a freelance journalist who has been viciously attacked by antifa before. Of course, in a free-for-all world, there will be a lot of chaff, but with time the majority of people, bereft of trustworthy sources for news are starting to identify independent journalists who actually understand what the business is all about, i.e. you bring out your camera and report what is going on out there. Period.

This time, while HuffPost, CNN and the usual suspects "reported" that angelic freedom fighters in black masks looked after the welfare of the people of Portland against evil, blood thirsty nazis, most of us followed the reports from Ngo and Sotiri and found out that the domestic terrorists of antifa were cornering defenseless people and beating the crap out of them, while Ted Wheeler gave the order to the police to stand down, and the Proud Boys where elsewhere barbecuing, singing, and simply having a good time. With the exception of ideologically possessed people wit TDS, most of us got to consume news the way is supposed to be: without partisan editorializing. And it looked really, really bad for the menacing threat of the radical leftist machinery who, God knows why, seems hellbent on destroying everything that once made the West the greatest civilization in the history of humankind: dialogue, progress, and freedom. For those of us who have now abandoned partisan legacy and new media, these independent journalists are a breath of fresh air. Actually, they may be the only thing that is keeping us from reaching full-blown 1984.

Sadly, Portland happened again. Happily, it made clear (to many more) that it is no longer useful to get information from legacy media and, frankly, neither from new media. If ones follows this particular story fully from one of the propaganda channels, it reads absolutely different than if taken from various sources, chiefly among them one or two independent journalists. It's as if two entirely different events took place at the same place and time. How can that be? We're not talking about a bit of nuance here and there but radically different things. If one can separate the wheat from the chaff, there are true jewels among independent journalists. They are still searching for a business model but, if they find it, this may be our only chance to obtain unbiased news. Until then, may they remain safe for everybody's sake.