Who Decides What's Cool?

Screen cap from the Crap BBC

The BBC is like a bad case of diarrhea: in theory, it should clean your bowels like the ones from an ashram's guru, but in reality it's just bland crap coming out and coming out and coming out. Why do I read it then? For the same reason you keep fingering that loose tooth: it hurts, it may bleed, but oh it feels so good and you just can't stop.

The next in the long line of BBC lame click-baits is the article "Who decides what is cool?" If the BBC would stop hiring first year gender studies interns, their typists would know who Theodore Dalrymple is and, perhaps, read the introduction to his formidable "Our Culture, What's Left Of It: The Mandarins and the Masses" so the question would be quickly answered and, thus, there wouldn't be a need to delve into nonsense to fill the gap left by a lack of actual news. But the machine must be fed, you know? So the BBC has to keep feeding many mouths that otherwise would be serving soy lattes, packing groceries, or giving blowjobs in dark back alleys for €10 or a hit of meth.

The problem is student debt. Yes: student debt. Just in the U.S. student loan debt is the second highest consumer debt only behind mortgages, way above credit cards and auto loans. 44 million spoon brains collectively owe 1.5 trillion US dollars. But, why is this a problem? Well, think about it. If American, British, and other youngsters would go into debt to study medicine or engineering, that crippling debt wouldn't cause a wrinkle in the skin of history. But if there's so much out there, piling up, and it can't be paid back, is because the kids are pawning their future in exchange for useless degrees like sociology, gender studies, feminist dance therapy, or any other pseudo-discipline captured by the postmodern cancer. So, we all have "critical theory" dunces coming out of our ears: they not only pollute real companies' HR departments but also infect media, academia, government, and other areas where the damage caused by their willfully impaired brains is maximized.

In this day and age, the benchmark of an intellectual is at its lowest. Due to the corrosive effect of relativism and deconstructionist mumbo jumbo, any chimpanzee capable of expressing aggression towards whatever hints at tradition, received wisdom, or values, is automatically crowned a "thinker", given a job, and there you go, the virus spreads. I call them "microwavable intellectuals." This phenomenon is evidenced by the strong leftist bias in academia which then permeates to other sectors. This vicious circle perpetuates a vicious circle at the center of which stands a clueless elite with minimal taste, heavy ideological venom, and an enormous ego. Dalrymple calls them all, from pop stars to screen dolls, the "legislators of the world." Whatever these lunatics pulls out of their rear is what is cool, and it trickles down to the masses as the next acceptable thing.

It's not, like the BBC says, the daring and rebellious who dictate what's cool. It's the unconventional, and I use the term in the strict sense: unconventional, i.e. against social and moral conventions. All a mediocre thinker or artist needs to do these days is to crap all over what's left of Western values to be considered as unconventional. And, then, voilá, there's your "cool" badge. You're a trendsetter, a maverick! The masses will eventually see the big ads and imitate like monkeys whatever the "microwavable intelligentsia" tells them: ditch marriage, have no kids, open borders, cut your genitals and be a different "gender", promote child drag queens, accept pedophiles, inject hard stuff in your vein, whatever. If at some point something was considered noble and a path towards a more tolerable life, it's up for grabs for the next "legislator" to crap on top of it.

There are very few real thinkers out there at the moment and, needless to say, the TV won't show them to you. What they hammer down, instead, is an 11-year old drag queen, a mediocre anarchist keen on censoring non-leftists and who doesn't understand economics, or an incomprehensible charlatan who throws words without connection between each other. And those are the "best" case scenarios, because people are spoon fed mostly the opinions of celebrities, whose talent is not precisely thinking but producing subpar music or just looking pretty. What connects them all, though, is the destruction of whatever good is left of the greatest living civilization. That is the decree of what is "cool" and is consistently centered around an adolescent attitude towards the world. As Sir Roger Scruton wrote: "Conservatism starts from a sentiment that all mature people can readily share: the sentiment that good things are easily destroyed, but not easily created."

It follows, then, that ludicrously unexceptional pamphlets of neo-marxism, like the BBC, are promoting immature content to keep a captive market of immature consumers clicking their hogwash. That is what is "cool" these days and those are the breathing specimens who peddle it.