Why we don't understand each other?

There is a reason you and I do not understand each other. It is not about willing. Not even different languages or that you meow while I bark, mind you. It is about living in different worlds.

When you see a rainbow appear in the horizon, you think about the role played by humidity in the atmosphere and the rising sun. I, on the other hand, think about its meaning. For over two centuries we have been talking to ourselves, and to each other, while performing a juggling act with entire different worlds.

When a rainbow disappear, a gifted flower withers and dies, a loved one passes, or you are handed down a cancer diagnose, I am convinced that the scientific (i.e. materialistic) explanations are all 100% correct. And they are useful, in many senses, but they are not the only ones. What does it mean to witness a rainbow? What is the color and timing of this gifted rose mean? Have I lived a meaningful life? It's not about picking a "camp" and argue ad infinitum. It is about both questions having critical validity within their own realms.

There are hordes of materialists, carded or not, avid to lay down the material explanations for whatever there is out there, waiting to happen right before our eyes. God bless them. What I care about, though? I care about the meaning. Because either there is a non-material meaning in everything or nothing is worth living for.